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How Alligators Survive Freezing Temperatures

A video posted by a North Carolina swamp shows how alligators survive in a frozen pond. Due to the inability to generate their own body heat, cold blooded animals can regulate their own body temperatures by changing their environment in a system called brumation. This process lowers their body temperature and metabolism in order to […]

Peculiar, See-Through Creature Baffles Fishermen

A man fishing in the northern waters of New Zealand spotted a strange looking, limpid sea creature swimming on the surface. Catching his eye, he caught the creature to get a closer look. It was described as being shaped like a shrimp, but was totally transparent. The fisherman, Stewart Fraser, said the fish “felt scaly […]

Rarely Seen Sea Creature Photographed in Australia

Fishermen in Victoria, Australia were in for an ancient treat when they reeled in a prehistoric-looking creature from the water. They concluded the strange fish looked to be an eel mixed with a shark. Unknowingly, they captured a very rare frilled shark, which is sometimes referred to as the “living fossil.” The creature’s ancestry goes […]

How Bees Are Born

It has been suspected by scientists that bees and flowering plants both evolved around 100 million years ago in the middle of the Cretaceous period. Before this period, plants reproduced the way modern conifers do by releasing seeds and pollen using cones, and relied on the wind to facilitate the contact of the pollen and […]

Cyclops Shark Caught Off Coast of Mexico

In middle of the year 2011, a commercial crew caught a dusky shark in the Gulf of Mexico. When the shark was cut open, a fetus was discovered containing something rather unique. In mid-2011, a commercial crew caught a Dusky shark off the coast of Mexico. When the shark was cut open, they discovered something […]

Saturnidae Caterpillar

How exciting! Another hidden gem of planet Earth has revealed itself to the world. The photographed caterpillar produced by photographer Marco Fischer depicts a Saturniid moth caterpillar, the larval form of a moth from the Saturniidae insect family. It’s been agreed upon that this majestic looking caterpillar doesn’t come anywhere close to looking like the […]

The Amazon River Dolphin is Smarter Than You

Out of all the five freshwater species of dolphins in the world, the pink Amazon River dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, or “bufeo colorado” as they are known in Peruvian regions, and “botos” as they are known in Brazil, are considered to be the most intelligent. Endemic to the Araguaia/Tocantins River systems of South America, this dolphin […]