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Glowing Plankton

A phenomenon which is commonly seen but not known is the process known as bio-luminescence, which is a type of light energy produced by a chemical reaction. It’s the production and emission of light and comes from the Greek word ‘bios’ meaning life, and ‘lumen’ meaning light. Bio-luminescence occurs throughout marine fungi, vertebrates, and invertebrates […]

Secret Reservoir of Water Hidden Beneath Earth’s Crust

Yet again our planet Earth proves its reticent nature once again. Scientists have discovered a vast reservoir of water underneath the Earth’s mantle they say could be larger than all the planet’s oceans combined. Canadian scientists found an elusive mineral pointing to the existence of a vast reservoir hidden deep in the Earth’s mantle, 400-600 […]

Pink Lake Located in Australia

Lake Hillier is a pink colored lake located on the largest Australian island in a group of a 105 islands known as the Recherche Archipelago, off the south-west coast of Western Australia near Cape Arid. The lake is a 600-meter long, salinated body of water, which is surrounded by a rim of sand, and forested […]

What Are Chemtrails?

Have you ever seen planes flying by overhead emit long, lingering clouds of white vapour, while others do not? According to the mainstream narrative, these are considered to be ‘condensation trails’, or contrails, however, a vast majority seems to think otherwise. In 1996, a theory began to circulate around the nation accusing the United States […]

Dean’s Blue Hole

On the remote island of Long Island, Bahamas, just a few steps off the beach lies a 663-foot deep underwater cavern known as Dean’s Blue Hole, considered to be the world’s deepest salt water “blue hole” – a term used to reference any deep, water-filled sinkhole with an entrance below the water surface. What makes […]

A Single Drop of Seawater Magnified 25 Times

Ever wonder what is in that water you accidentally swallow while playing at the beach on holiday? Photographer David Liittschwager captured this amazing shot of a single drop of water magnified 25 times to reveal an entire ecosystem of hidden threats which consist of crab larva, diatoms, bacteria, fish eggs, zooplankton, and even worms. This […]

Is the World Really Running Out of Chocolate?

Nothing lasts forever, and in this case we’re referring to chocolate. Yes, the world is seemingly running out of chocolate. According to reports from chocolate giant Mars Inc. and the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, cocoa farmers are producing less and less each year, and seeing as how cocoa is the essential ingredient in […]