Modern day alien abductions happen when one is taken against their will by nonhuman entities and subjected to forced physical and psychological procedures. These individuals are referred to as ‘abductees’. A common occurrence when these abductions happen are the aliens tend to blank the minds of their victims. What actually happens during this phenomena is revealed through regressive hypnosis, and piecing together facts which are already known. Most abductee stories contain common similarities to each other such as abductors being described as small, hairless, grey humanlike figures with large skulls consisting of large black eyes with small mouths, who communicate telepathically. Common messages received by abductees are that they will not be harmed, and to not be scared of what is taking place.

The captive human candidate is placed on an operating table within the alien spacecraft, and thoroughly examined. Most abductees recount this part of the abduction experience to be a prodigious blur, even during the regressive hypnosis process. The victim’s detail of undergoing a series of tests, such as sexual experiments which seems to be a recurring theme. The body of the victim is probed, exploited, and manipulated where some report of even having tracking devices or implants deposited under their skin.

After undergoing these traumatic experiments, the human is then returned to the point where the abduction happened with absolutely no recollection of what had previously taken place. Upon resuming consciousness the abductee victim is confused at the unaccountable hours lost. Possessing bruises all over the body, painful headaches which occur the very next morning, and nosebleeds. The victims also detailed strange puncture wounds, passing odd urine, and a severe sense of fatigue. Symptoms like these could be explained due to radiation poisoning from their anti-gravity devices. However, the female victims suffer from sexual pains, and bouts of soreness.

Psychological effects are more extreme than the physical with mentalities on both side of the spectrum. On one end, a minuscule amount of people feel potent love for the aliens, as if their lives have been enhanced by extraterrestrial contact. These folks believe the alien visitors have come to send a warning about mankind and are facilitating the saving of the planet. While on the other end, many of the abducted feel violated and despaired, very similar to the psychological mindset of rape victims. Many of these victims need to undergo counseling and mental health therapy to achieve a comfortable sense of stability, where some have committed suicide due to post-traumatic stress, confusion, and utter disbelief. Researchers wonder and contemplate if these abduction memories are actually psychological problems.

Abductions Grey Alien

In September of 1961, the first alien abductions entered the public ear when Barney and Betty Hill were reportedly captured by strange entities. Under hypnosis, the Hills gave a recollection of the strange experiments which were performed on them. Betty Hill had witnessed aliens insert a probe into her belly, while Barney hill was forced to provide a sperm specimen. One bizarre detail the Hills recounted was that their abductors, instead of having large black eyes like most of the abductees report, these abductors had large ‘wraparound’ receptors. Cynical skeptics were quick to point out that there had been a television episode shown less than two weeks before the Hills’ testimonies.

Since most of this is based on claims, there is, however, disturbing but credible evidence which has supported these assertions. One instance is where a pregnant woman was abducted by alien entities who removed her fetus. This woman had previously gone to the doctor and was assured her unborn baby was healthy and fine via ultrasound. After her abduction, she visited the doctor where he had indeed confirmed the baby had disappeared. The second instance involves humans who have found actual alien implants within their body after their abductions. A private clinic in California has removed a number of strange implants from the abductee’s bodies. With this physical evidence, there can be no denying that there is truth to the abduction victim’s stories which inevitably leave physical scars on them.

With all the abduction stories, physical, and emotional trauma which has been reported over the years, it is hard to disregard all this information as false representation. What is also hard to dismiss is the fact that the majority of abductees are of no correlation to each other, yet there are many similarities between their stories. However, unless an implant or some other shred of physical evidence is thoroughly examined and makes it to the mainstream, it is going to be quite difficult to convince modern-day scientists that there is an abduction phenomenon taking place on this earth.