Beast of Bodmin

Beast of Bodmin

The Beast of Bodmin has captured the fascination of locals and tourists alike, in Cornwall, England, for decades. A tale often whispered in hushed tones and met with either skepticism or fear, the legend has consistently been the subject of numerous investigations, documentaries, and news articles. This article aims to dive deep into the lore, sightings, theories, and cultural impact surrounding the enigmatic beast.

What Is The Beast of Bodmin?

The Beast of Bodmin, sometimes referred to as the Beast of Bodmin Moor, is an alleged wild animal, often described as a large cat-like creature, that supposedly roams the moorlands surrounding the Bodmin area in Cornwall. Sightings have included descriptions of a large, panther-like animal, often black and around 3-5 feet in length.

Historical Sightings and Reports

The first recorded sightings date back to the 1970s, but oral tradition suggests that the legend is much older. Over the years, there have been hundreds of reported sightings, some even accompanied by blurry photographs and videos. However, despite extensive searches, no concrete evidence has been presented to prove the creature’s existence.

Scientific Investigations

In the 1990s, the British government ordered an official investigation into the Beast of Bodmin phenomenon. While some livestock attacks were noted, the study concluded that there was no verifiable evidence supporting the existence of any exotic large cats living in Britain. Skeptics argue that the sightings can be attributed to large domestic cats or dogs, while believers maintain that the government is either covering up the truth or has failed to conduct an exhaustive investigation.

Popular Beast of Bodmin Theories

  1. Escaped Zoo Animal: One popular theory posits that the beast is an escaped exotic pet or zoo animal.
  2. Native Species: Some claim that it could be a surviving member of an indigenous species long thought to be extinct.
  3. Supernatural Entity: Others suggest that the beast might be a supernatural entity, forever destined to roam the Bodmin Moor.

Cultural Impact

The Beast of Bodmin has become an integral part of Cornwall’s cultural and tourist landscape. It has inspired books, documentaries, and even songs. Each year, thousands of curious tourists visit Bodmin Moor in the hope of catching a glimpse of this elusive cryptid creature.


The Beast of Bodmin is more than just a local legend; it is a phenomenon that has gained national and even international attention. Whether one chooses to believe in its existence or not, there’s no denying the captivating allure of this Cornish mystery. For now, the Beast of Bodmin remains one of Britain’s most enduring legends, a creature half-seen, half-imagined, but wholly unforgettable.