One of the most famous and well-known legends on the earth is a mystical ape-like creature referred to as Bigfoot. Also known as ‘Sasquatch’ which roughly means ‘hairy giant of the woods’, this creature has been said to be roaming rampant throughout the North American wilderness specifically in the Pacific Northwest. This cryptid hominid stands at over seven feet tall with a 500-pound, muscular frame, and short black hair covering its entire body which clearly indicates that this is no homo-sapien. Since nobody, bones, remains, or any other credible evidence has been uncovered except for huge footprints, this is distinctly how it acquired its’ name.

Along with man other legendary monsters, Bigfoot was the main focal point among many traditional indigenous tales. However, real interest took place when Bigfoot was introduced to the European settlers in the 1800s. In the year 1811, a white settler named David Thompson was in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains when he came across a giant set of 14 by 8-inch footprints. Over the course of time, tales of Sasquatch dispersed and in July of 1884, the Daily Colonist newspaper in British Columbia, Canada announced that a train crew had seized the mythical beast. Most folks came to dismiss this to be a black-haired primate such as a large chimpanzee, but primates in North America?

As the North American mountains became saturated with stories of Bigfoot, then came stories of hordes of these strange creatures reportedly attacking humans in the forests. The Sasquatch episodes were never solely based on one creature, while many considered there to be a breeding colony of these mythical beasts.

In 1958, a bulldozer operator named Jerry Crew was working in Humboldt County, California when he noticed unusual sets of footprints. He made casts of these footprints, while a local newspaper took his picture, and syndicated his story across the United States. This photograph of a man holding a plastered cast record of these mysterious footprints initiated the modern day Sasquatch legend. If Jerry Crew’s footprint revelation was to launch the fable, it wouldn’t be until almost a decade later that Bigfoot would seal its’ place in the American psyche.

While in October 1967, two fellows, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were on a horseback ride through Bluff Creek in northern California specifically on the search for Bigfoot. As they were walking along, a Bigfoot surprisingly appeared in their path which spooked the horse, and Patterson was thrown off. Gimlin kept a steady rifle pointed at the beast, while Patterson regained his footing and sprinted towards the creature while filming with a camera they had brought along. The result of this episode is possibly the most baffling evidence yet. The film taken reveals a large, hairy hominid creeping into the vegetation. Many experts have studied the footage closely and determined it was a female Bigfoot, as there were two mammary glands upon the front of the creature’s torso.

While the footage evidence is quite remarkable, many around the world have questioned its validity. Some experts believe it could possibly be a human in a costume, while others are astonished at the amazing detail provided within the film. As an example, scientists have said that in order for a creature such as Bigfoot to walk upright like a human, it would need to have an extended heel. The mysterious beast featured on the film footage clearly possesses an extended heel.

Film experts have speculated that the footage has undergone special effects, but they have yet to find any signs of manipulation indicating a hoax. While Russian scientists have closely studied the film and determined the Sasquatch really does have a long, hasty stride.

More modern sightings of this mystical ape-like creature continue to be reported. However, these sightings have taken on a strange, and unusual twist where many people describe seeing UFOs within the same areas as Bigfoot observations as if there is some correlation between the two. Many new sightings feature Bigfoot having bright red eyes while handling glowing orbs, and while this may seem strange to some, there has always been a paranormal aspect to this mythical creature. It has also been theorized that when a Bigfoot dies, its’ body disappears into the ether, which is unfortunate because the world needs some concrete evidence to fully accept Bigfoot’s existence.