Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

An eerie mountain in the Scottish Highlands creates a dreary feeling unlike anything that has ever been felt before. As the night fog and morning dew blows across the mountain cap, there creeps a most ghastly creature known as ‘Am Fear Liath Mor’ or as some call it the ‘Grey Man of Ben MacDhui’. Described as a mysteriously cloaked man, a possible evil giant, or even a demon. This beastly figure not only threatens with fierce physical force, but can cause a deadly sense of trepidation and fear in all who come in the vicinity of it.

The second highest point in Scotland, Ben MacDhui stands at over 4,000 feet high, which offers an eye-catching view and provides a considerable challenge for even the most advanced climbers. Many observers who witness the Grey Man, or feel the wrath of its dreadful existence are solemn, stern climbers, not prone to exaggeration. The first human to come forward stating that he met the creature lurking on top of the mountain was Professor Norman Collie. This professor was an experienced, revered climber, and when he presented his speech in 1925 to the Cairngorm Club, the audience was in utter disbelief.

Professor Collie explicated that he had been descending down the mountain in 1891 when he noticed hearing footsteps behind him that were completely out of sync with his. Equating the footsteps to that of a giant, a petrified Collie ran five miles down the mountainside until he could escape the sound of the unknown beings footfall. Vowing to never return to the mountain alone, Collie firmly believed there was ‘something very queer about Ben MacDhui’.

A mountain rescue worker named Peter Densham, was locating and saving pilots who had crashed on the mountain during the Second World War. On one special day, he was atop of the mountain when a heavy fog blew in. As he waited for the weather conditions to progress, he heard unusual chomping noises and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of dismay. Before he can perceive what was happening, he started to panic, and run down the hill at full speed dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. While trying to stop himself, he felt as if it was exceedingly difficult as if there had been something pushing him. He managed to avert his course, but not without a degree of difficulty.

Many individuals have since spotted this mysterious life form, and have been overwhelmed by a sense of imminent terror. Cryptid Monster devotees have many speculations about the emergence of this grim being. Possibilities of it being an alien, a lost ghost, or a mystical god have all come to mind. A fascinating theory suggests there might be an entrance to an alternate dimension, and this entity might be the gatekeeper. If this is such the case, then he is doing a hell of a job since once a person has an encounter with the Grey Man, they rarely want to venture back up the Ben MacDhui mountain again.