Pink Lake Located in Australia

Lake Hillier is a pink colored lake located on the largest Australian island in a group of a 105 islands known as the Recherche Archipelago, off the south-west coast of Western Australia near Cape Arid. The lake is a 600-meter long, salinated body of water, which is surrounded by a rim of sand, and a forested land of Paperbark and Eucalyptus trees. Lake Hillier is located near the Southern Ocean but separated by a narrow strip of land.

Lake Hillier was discovered in 1802 by Captain Matthew Flinders, a British navigator and hydrographer. Captain Flinders found it after climbing the island’s highest peak. The ship master, John Thistle, collected some of the lake’s water, which was found to be saturated with salt.

Lake hillier Australia

Scientists studied the lake in 1950, but they found no definite conclusive answer. It’s speculated that the pink color is due to the colored salts present in the water. They found that the shores are covered with crusts made by salt deposits, where the crusts have been found to contain Halobacteria which is assumed responsible for this unique color. The color doesn’t even change when put in an artificial container for days. With the unusuality of the lake, its proven to exhibit no adverse effects on the human body.