The movement of the New Age has placed great emphasis on a specific type of power instrument – crystals. These tools of energy are now regarded as being the wonder object of New Age belief and have spread to the world of pop culture. The celebrity atmosphere is awash with high-profile, spiritually-attuned people who certify the positive power of crystals. CrystalsThey suggest that these objects are a tool to direct and control energy flows within the human body and promote physical and emotional well-being.

A crystal is a solid ‘rock’ created by chemicals solidifying in a solution. Its’ chemical construction is particularly special due to its formation which consists of regular repeating patterns of atoms and molecules, and the crystal particle is pulled together by flat external forces. Similar to snowflakes, they are a naturally occurring phenomenon where each one created is unique, and occur in any number of shapes. They are highly artistic and are used in clothes and jewelry.

All throughout history, crystals have been depicted as having magical properties and were often believed to hold strange supernatural powers. The ancient races considered crystals to contain the power of Mother Earth as they originated within the earth’s crust. Crystals are also supposed to reveal the future and to deliver superhuman powers with the utilization of crystal balls by psychics being an obvious choice.

Crystal enthusiasts suggest the power of the crystals lies in their capability to calm, heal, and regulate the human body. The crystals are believed to channel good energy, fend off bad energy and said to vibrate at frequencies which assist natural body functions. Crystal connoisseurs state that crystals promote self-expression, meditation, and creativity.

It is said that different crystals exert unique energies and affect the body in different ways. Emeralds apparently raise the efficiency of a body’s respiration, heart and blood systems, cure insomnia, lift depression and evoke love, harmony, and peace. Amethysts are believed to help headaches, eye and hair issues, balance blood sugar, increase psychic abilities and reduce negativity such as angry, impatience, and nightmares. Lastly, diamonds increase clarity, confidence, confidence, trust, and thoughts and inspire prosperity, generosity, and love.

In more recent years it has been deemed ‘fashionable’ to use crystals in jewelry, not solely for superficial qualities, but as to possess beneficial power sources near the body. CrystalsA chiropractor developed the Bio-electric Shield, which was a piece of jewelry that contains an array of crystals sorted in such a way that they protect the one wearing it from all the many harmful electromagnetic forces in the modern world like cell phones, power lines, and computer screens. These shields are medically proven and are even worn by Cherie Blair, the wife of former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair. The different displays of these shields are said to provide protection for different things.

Although, these statements hold no scientific value. Certainly, they are based on presumptions of blind faith. Skeptics believe that any reaction crystals have on humans is the result of wishful thoughts, self-deception, or placebo effect. However, crystals hold many crucial roles in our modern society as they are important components in optical, electronic, communication industries, and are featured in many types of high-tech equipment. These functions are really due to one specific function that crystals really do possess. In 1880, Pierre and Jacques Curie discovered that certain crystals produce an electrical charge when they are compressed. Their discovery was dubbed the ‘piezoelectric effect’, and now crystals are used for scientific purposes.

It’s interesting to note that the piezoelectric effect has no direct effect on the human body, and according to materialists, crystals provide no protection from illness, calamity, or misfortune. Though, eccentric crystal devotees tend to think otherwise, but as far as hard science is concerned the magical power of crystals is unsubstantiated.