Rods which are often called ‘skyfish’, or ‘air rods’, are terms used is ufology and photograpy to refer to mysterious elongated flying objects that move at an extremely high rate of speed which can not be seen by the naked eye. They are thought to be alien life forms, such as extradimensional creatures, or tiny UFO’s. The Rods phenomenon began in mid 1994 where Jose Escamilla, a film producer claimed to have captured fascinating footage of a UFO. He noticed thin, long, strange objects shooting across the screen. At first, he thought they were little birds or bugs that were near the lens of the camera, but as he zoomed in, elongated cyndrical bodies could be seen. Their rod-like shaped appearance is how they acquired their name, and as the years went by more and more similar footage has been documented from all over the world.

Rods appear to be living organisms, concealed from human sight due to their swift movement. They possess a long, thin frame, with sets of appendages sticking out along their body. While they appear to be organic beings, analysis has been difficult, as they only are observable in high-shutter-speed camera pictures. Footage has shown them moving alongside other animals and revealed their characteristics to be unlike any other known creature.

A vast amount of footage has been captured by devotees, but a minimal amount is actual high-grade quality photography. One of the best documentations came from Mark Lichtle, who was recording people parachute into the Cave of the Swallows, which is a cavern in Mexico. Throughout his 45-minute film, numerous rods can be observed flying parellel to humans, insects, and birds. Rods can be found all across the globe, even the US Navy and China has reportedly captured footage of the phenomena. However, it is widely believed that the Cave of Swallows is one of the best locations to capture the rods in action on camera.

Scientists were also intrigued by this phenomenon, they conducted an experiment by setting up huge nets over looked by surveillance cameras and proceeded to capture images of the rods. Upon inspecting the nets, they found the rods to be ordinary flying insects. Other investigations showed that the images of flying rods on video was an optical illusion created by slowing the speed of the camera. Although, materialist scientists are always quick to denounce anything of supernatural nature. It seems the flying rods phenomena has been taken seriously with the extensive amount of presented evidence, but to this day nobody has a clue as to what they really are.