Crop Circles

The crop circle phenomenon is considered to be a modern enigma, but strange patterns have been showing up in fields for over three centuries. Often occurring in ice, snow, and sand, thousands of these geometric shapes have evinced themselves all over the globe. However, with all the crop circle findings, mankind has yet to figure out the significance of this phenomenon. While some are without a doubt deliberate hoaxes, what do the others mean?

The first reference of crop circles comes from an English woodcut which dates back to 1678 that shows a field of stalks laid out in a circle. The English woodcut is called the Mowing-Devil and it depicts the devil with a scythe mowing a circular design in the field of oats. The pamphlet which contained the image expresses that the farmer, who was disgusted at the wage that his mower was demanding for work, insisted that he would rather have “the devil himself” perform the task. Although, some speculate that this can not be regarded as evidence of crop circles because the stalks were cut down, not bent.

Some claim that the first physical manifestations of crop circles appeared in the 1970s, when simple circles began appearing throughout the English countryside. The quantity and complexity of these patterns increased dramatically as the years went by. Reaching a high peak during the 1990s when intricate circles were discovered, including some which illustrated complex mathematical equations such as fractals.

Over the past decades, those who reside in the countryside, especially those who, live along ley lines and channels of natural energy, have come to accept the crop circles as part of rural life, and few witnesses have actually seen them made. They recall an invisible line curving its way through a field at high speeds, bending the stalks aside. After it’s design is completed, the force just vanishes, leaving the crops perfectly flat on the floor. No stalks pop up, and no stalks are crushed, as they all are meticulously and permanently bent.

It’s clearly unknown who or what chooses the patterns to be made but sightings of UFOs and light orbs above the fields the night before the crop designs are made seem to be a common occurrence. Comparably, there are a significant amount of hoax circles, but these are easily noticeable as they have crushed, flattened crops rather than gently bent stalks. Many bystanders are made certain that unusual weather patterns like mini whirlwind tornados cause the circles. There is an ongoing scientific study into the technical aspects of crop circles, where analyzers hope to uncover a rational, and logical explanation.

It is a practical approach to explain crop circles as being connected with earth forces. They majority of well-placed, high quality patterns in Europe appear in the vicinity of Wiltshire, England, around historic areas of high natural energy. Quite frequently occurring close to ancient forts, standing stones, burial mounds, and fertility symbols which suggests an association to the traditional heritage of Britain. Many believers are certain that the metaphysical forces of Mother Earth indeed, have a hand in the creation of these patterns.

One unseen feature of crop circles is the unquestionable impact these patterns have on electrical equipment. The invisible energy forces seem to have an adverse effect on all types of state-of-the-art electronics such as tape recorders, which seem to speed up tremendously once inside the circle, but slow down back to normal speed outside the circle. Video equipment is known to malfunction without good reason, even ordinary photographic cameras produce severely distorted images, near the circles. Farmers have experienced their farm machinery refusing to work anywhere in the surrounding areas of these mysterious patterns.

The crop circles appear to have conspicuous effects on humans. Some specialists propose that merely stepping inside certain patterns can cause an influx of emotions. Some people have felt an improved physical change and boost of energy in these circles, while others seem to suffer from headaches, fatigue, nausea and light-headedness. The crop circles also seem to have a striking effect on animals, where horses and cats are known to refuse to enter the patterns while simultaneously becoming severely agitated. Some dogs have been witnessed running straight to the middle of the circle, and immediately falling to the ground in a deep slumber. Interestingly, flocks of birds have been seen flying directly towards a crop circle, only to acutely steer around them at the last minute.

Of all the unexplained phenomena like Bigfoot, Ghosts, or Angels, there is no doubt that crop circles truly exist, and are one of the most deserving of scientific study. Crop circles are their own record of some unknown force exuding its power over the earth as it leaves a trace of its inexplicable power through the means of patterns embedded within produce fields. Countryside dwellers are well aware to the fact that, for hundreds of years, something strange has been going on in their fields, but it is still something they have yet to comprehend.