Dragons Triangle

Dragons Triangle

A phenomenon known throughout the world connected to disappearing boats and aircraft is the Bermuda Triangle. A lesser known, but just as mysterious and dangerous is an area off the west coat of Japan which has an equally deadly history, this area is known as the ‘Dragons Triangle’. It is a region where Japanese sailors fear to journey; they call it ‘Ma-no-umi’ – the ‘Sea of the Devil’.

Legend of the Dragons Triangle

Legend states that giant restless dragons surface from their deep asylum to capture any unlucky passing sailors. Japanese mariners have frequently documented bizarre occurrences in the area of hearing horrible noises and seeing red lights. It’s believed that one particular strong creature lives in a vast palace beneath the waves. This monster is called ‘Li-Lung’, the ‘Dragon King of the Western Sea’, and it’s said that his lair is embellished with the ships he has seized.

This enigmatic zone extends from western Japan to Yap island and from Taiwan to the west. Similar to the Bermuda Triangle, it is noted as having a high number of navigation and communication failures. In sincerity, this sector of ocean bears exceptional similarities to its Western counterpart. Both areas are known for severe changes in weather, tidal waves, hurricanes, extreme fogs, seaquakes, and both have proven signs of magnetic declination, which is when a compass points true north and south. Perhaps the most unwanted similarities are the truly horrible amount of inexplicable sinking’s and disappearances of vessels and airplanes.

The amount of ships being lost at an exponential rate within the Dragons Triangle led the Japanese government to declare the area a danger zone in the late 1940s. A few years later, in the early 1950s, it was decided to dispatch a research vessel to study and analyze the area. On September 24, 1952, despite calm seas and clear visibility, the Kiao Maru No.5 vanished without a trace. All thirty one souls were lost; 22 crew members and nine scientists including the vessel has never been found.

It is only in recent years have these strange anomalies been reported to the west. To the Japanese folk, they are regular incidents which go back hundreds of years and continue to this day. While it may be dragons interfering with the ships, or some other means, the credible evidence behind this ocean’s reticent secret remains on the ocean floor.