Earth Energy

Earth Energy

According to a minority of humans inhabiting the planet, an electromagnetic current field of natural energy metaphysically manifests itself over the earth. This unseen force is theorized to possibly affect human body conditions and create biological reactions over prime spots, this power is most commonly called Earth Energy.

Potent areas of this earth energy are known as vortices, and many followers believe these spots can be favorable for mankind by providing revitalizing energy. As credible evidence, they point to the fact that the ancient races were clearly more in tune with natural earth forces, and built vital structures on vortices which possessed large amounts of earth energy. Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Nazca, and the Great Pyramid of Giza are just a few structures which were built on points with powerful forces.

In the year 1972, an investigator by the name of Ivan T. Sanderson, coined the term, Vile Vortices to indicate points across the globe which contain devious energy anomalies. Places such as the famous Bermuda Triangle, Dragon’s Triangle, and the Hawaiian Ocean are all found within the Tropic of Cancer. These well known energy vortex points have been the scenes of countless ships and planes completely vanishing without a trace.

As the notion of geometric earth energy has grown, the possibility of this natural power being connected to ley-lines has very much caught the public’s attention. While ley-lines have notable evidence based on archaeological and historical certainty, the proposition of Earth Energy was made popular by the notorious New Age movement. Many devotees have investigated this subject from a scientific perspective, regardless of it originating during the free spirit movement of the 1960s. Unquestionably, these people do believe there is some correlation between ley-lines and Earth Energy containing mystical traits.

The Earth Energy phenomena is still mysterious today as it was a hundred years ago, seeing as how hard evidence is difficult to come by. Dowsing is a form of divination used to locate water, oil, minerals, metals and other objects. These dowsers suggest that they can sense strong energy at sacred points across the globe without using any scientific instruments.

A popular theory among researchers propose that these vortices are excessively charged with negative ion particles causing an abnormal state of electromagnetic instability. Scientists coined this phenomena as ‘geophysical anomalies’, and while they are delighted to charm the idea of metaphysical natural energy, many of these mainstream scientists do not agree, as it is yet to be proven.