Mel’s Hole Ellensburg, Washington

Mel’s hole is, according to urban legend, an alleged ‘bottomless pit’ near Ellensburg, Washington. Claims about this legend were first made on the legendary radio show Coast to Coast AM.

This story first came to light on the night of February 21, 1997, when a caller, who identified himself as ‘Mel Waters’, called into the host, Art Bell, on the midnight radio show. Waters claimed to have bought a property in Eastern Washington, and that a giant mystical hole had been found on it. According to the interviews, the hole had infinite depth and the ability to bring dead animals back to life, relating a story of a man’s dead dog who was thrown into the pit, and then found walking around alive not long after.

mel's hole

As the story became more elaborate, Mel’s hole captivated radio listeners, many who were eager to verify the existence of this magical hole. Mel, however, refused to tell people where exactly the whole was, just that it was near his property on Manastash Ridge near Ellensburg. According to Mel, federal agents seized his land, and the government funded his move to Australia. The exact location of the hole was unspecified, yet several people claimed to have seen it.

Mel appeared on the show several times until a local newspaper reported that no man named Mel Waters existed in the surrounding region. This news just about put the story to rest, until a gentleman named Gerald Osborne, who inexplicably calls himself Red Elk.

Red Elk, who appeared out of nowhere in 2008, claimed he was well acquainted with Mel’s hole. He described himself as an intertribal medicine man claimed to have seen the whole many times since 1961, and that the United States government maintained a top-secret base where alien activity occurs.

In 2002, a Seattle Times article documenting an expedition of enthusiasts to locate Mel’s Hole, Red Elk was there leading the party and didn’t seem to have any more idea where to look than anyone else did. Still to this day Mel’s hole has not been verified nor the man’s true identity who had first brought up the hole.