Mexico Zone of Silence

The Mapimí Silent Zone (La Zona Del Silencio or Zone of Silence) is a popular name for a desert patch near the Bolson de Mapimí in Mexico. The area is located between the states of Durango, Chihuahua, and Coahuila between parallels 26 and 28 in a place known as Trino Vertex. This area is known for being home to rare species of wildlife such as the purple cactus and an endemic version of the desert tortoise. However, there is something quite mysterious that lies within this zone.

In the 1930’s a pilot named Francisco Sarabia was flying over an area in northern Mexico when his radio stopped working and the plane’s instruments went wild. It was later concluded that radio waves cannot be transmitted in and above the area due to local magnetic fields.”

But in 1970, a faulty American Athena missile fired from the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico went off course inexplicably and crashed into the mysterious desert region and made the world aware of the incredibly unique and thoroughly unusual properties of the area. Subsequently, a team of U.S. Air Force investigators, with Mexican government approval, journeyed to the crash site and made an unexpected discovery. Within an unspecified and sometimes shifting area within the Zone, radio signals fail to travel through the air, creating a type of dark zone. No television, radio, shortwave, microwave, or satellite signals seem to penetrate this zone. The name “Zone of Silence” was quickly adopted, and researchers began flocking to the remote location shortly thereafter.

The government of Mexico has since constructed a research complex in the zone of Silence, a place the local scientists call the biosphere. The sole purpose of the facility is to study the unusual plant and animal life within the region. Extensive research has shown that there is some natural occurring anomaly associated with the region. Scientists have discovered high levels of magnetite and also found that the area if a hotbed for meteorite activity, raising theories that there may be some unusual magnetic properties associated with the minerals in the soil.

Conspiracy theorists are quick to point out that the Zone of Silence is geographically located just north of the Tropic of Cancer and shares the same latitude south of the 30th parallel as the Egyptian Pyramids, the sacred sites of Tibet, and the Bermuda Triangle, a fact that scientists point out is probably a simple coincidence. Also, scientists at the Mexican research center have dubbed the region the Sea of Tethys because millions of years ago the area lay at the bottom of the ocean.

Some believe the area is a magnetic grid point or portal where earth energy is concentrated. This energy is linked to UFO activity and ancient astronaut theory, some believing aliens still return to these highly magnetic areas, either by ship or through wormholes. No credible evidence exists to support any of these claims, though UFO sightings are quite common in Mexico.