It’s been known that every living being emits heat, gas, and energy, just as it’s believed they also give off an ambience of metaphysical energy, a glimmer of color surrounding the body which unveils health, mood, and thought patterns. This is commonly referred to as an Aura, and has been a common notion since the beginning of time. There are some who can’t detect it, but there are some psychic folks who profess they can view this life force. The biggest challenge has been whether there is a way for ordinary humans to view this phenomenon. Aura specialists believe this unseen life energy can help explain physical health, emotional, and psychological problems.

Our understanding of auras comes exclusively from the psychics who can see them. They note that the individual’s auric color and the distance it emits from the body, can clearly indicate crucial information about the overall well-being of the entity. The shade and potency are known to shift continually depending on the individuals mood changes, thought patterns, and weariness levels. As studies have become more prevalent, so have the agreed aura attributes pertaining to what they mean. As an example, a blue aura can mark communication factors, while the grey aura can specify disease. Although, mainstream science has yet to gather any conclusive results, alternative techniques are constantly being created to try and solve the aura phenomenon.

In 1911, an electro-therapy department head at St Thomas’ Hospital in London was clearly the first one to use auric energy for medical reasons. His name was Walter Kilner and this man discovered the theory of viewing a persons aura by peering through a colored glass. He observed the energy of his patients changing form, color, and intensity as their health transformed. As Kilner was the only person who can view this light, his discoveries weren’t taken seriously until the year 1939, where a Russian electrician named Semyon Kirlian mistakenly came across a remarkable system of photography. He figured out that by positioning a living being on a photographic plate and streaming high voltage through it, an astonishing image of bizarre colours appeared as an outline around the participant.

The initial photograph which confirmed Kirlian’s technique was a leaf surrounded by orange and turquoise dots flowing from the leaf’s veins, and a colorful aura outlining the leaf. Over the course of many experiments, Kirlian ended up developing an instrument used to show the auras movement. He described lively, vibrant subjects created photographs with radiating auras, while waning and diminished subjects showcased frail auras.

With his inventions, Kirlian also exhibited the fact that subjects with different moods, feelings, and thought forms emitted different auric colors. An interesting study was conducted when a fellow scientist brought two identical leaves to examine. Kirlian was completely baffled as one leaf was ordinary, while the other emitted a very odd aura.

Amid the 1970s, Thelma Moss, a parapsychologist at the University of California became thoroughly persuaded by the medical properties of auras. She advocated that Walter Kirlian’s finding was a clear indication of proving that ‘bioenergy’, or energy derived from biological sources, was a solid, credible fact. She was so convinced by his discovery, she even made her way to Russia to meet with fellow paranormal scientists. Thelma Moss strongly believed that the discovery of auras was a major leap ahead for the medical foundation. However, Moss passed away in 1997 before her work could be fully carried out.

On the contrary, Kirlian’s photography tools and methods were seen as having no credible value in diagnosing illnesses by the mainstream scientific community. It has been theorized that surrounding elements such as moisture, air pressure, and electric energy have a significant effect on the generated picture. Although, aura specialists are thoroughly convinced that every living being possesses a metaphysical energy source enveloping their figure. Sooner or later, an irrefutable approach will be contrived bringing an end to all the doubt.