Many throughout the world who have been known to levitate have clearly possessed vehement states of mind. Levitation is the rising of the human body by metaphysical means and is believed to be the result of a supernatural force from psychic power or spiritual energy. In the early days, religious zealots such as the Christian Church assumed levitation was a clear indicator of a demonic possession.

Although, it is a common factor among the possessed, many holy people have been known to levitate as well. The most prominent practitioner of levitation was most likely St Joseph of Cupertino, who was born in 1603 in Italy. It is documented that he levitated hundreds of times in his life and for extended periods of up to one hour or more. He is said to have achieved this by reaching a state of religious ecstasy which he demonstrated for Pope Urbain VIII, the act that attained his glory.

The religions and philosophers of the East instruct that in order to reach the state where you can levitate, one must harness the human body’s natural life force. This energy is referred to as “Chi” or “Ki” and can be manipulated through heavy yoga practices. Emphasis is placed on achieving a meditative state through visualization and breath control to conjure all the dormant life force dwelling within the body.

Most psychics conclude that the force required to levitate is a natural innate psychokinetic force. Daniel Douglas Home, born in 1833, was a prominent nineteenth century medium who was a known advocate of the levitation phenomenon. In 1868, he was noticed by spiritualists levitating out his window of a third story building, and entering through another window. He did not have to enter into a trance-like state to achieve this, it was well believed that enough concentration was required to attain levitation. Of course, skeptics attempted to refute these claims stating there was a physical ledge connecting both balcony windows.

A Russian occultist and mystic, Helena Blavatsky described the levitation phenomenon in her book, Isis Unveiled. She described the earth as being a positive charged electric body, while all other forms of matter, such as human bodies, were negatively charged. She explained gravity was the attraction to the earth, similar to a magnet, opposites attract. Consequently, if an individual were to align their electricity to a positive charge like that of the earth, they would repel from the earth in the same way two positive charged magnets repel from one another. This can be acquired by outstanding human will, through ecstasy, or other means.

In the modern ages, especially within Western society, the theory of levitation has taken a back seat ride in the mindset of the masses. They all appear to be doubtful skeptics who have lost track of this rare phenomenon. However, the Eastern religions and philosophies are still up to par with this hidden miracle, just as long as one is willing to devote their life into achieving it.