Ouija Boards

Known to humans of all ages across the world, Ouija Boards are the simplest way to produce ghostly, spine-chilling experiences. Many view them as benign toys, like something for kids to play with. The notion of them being widely produced by board game corporations only adds to the reputation of these boards being considered as ‘harmless fun’. However, many channelers of the spirit realm conclude they should not be dealt with an indifferent attitude. It’s been said that an untold amount of people have ended up in dreadful circumstances simply from messing around with Ouija boards; from mental collapse, to decaying relationships, some even end up possessed by evil spirits or driven to suicidal tendencies.

Surprisingly, the history is just as a mystery as the way the board ‘game’ works, and the fact is no one really knows when the Ouija board was made or where it comes from. It seems to imitate types of apparatus used throughout the centuries. The board contains letters of the alphabet, the numbers zero through nine, and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The humans using the board lightly touch the pointer which slides around the board from letter to letter, forming words that answer questions asked by the participants.

Regarding the phenomenon of Ouija board, the producers say the board works by tapping into the sub-conscious of the players, but the item is generally used for more than that, such as a means to tap into the spirit world. During the Second World War, sales of the board spiked dramatically as people attempted to contact deceased loved ones lost in battle. It also experienced a comeback during the 1960s when spiritual enlightenment was at its highest. Although it was marketed as a game, the media ran stories questioning the effect of the board on people’s emotional, and spiritual stability which led to the products being taken off the shelves of businesses.

The risks people faced when using the Ouija board were apparent. If the participants were attempting to contact the spirit realm, then they were clearly dealing with something to which they knew nothing about. From a common sense perspective, there are clear and present dangers such as not knowing who you are communicating with even if they tell you differently, or possibly opening up a metaphysical portal to a sinister dimension. Also, the likelihood of bringing forth an evil spirit which can wreak havoc upon one’s life. But similar to modern technology, Ouija boards can be enjoyed if operated in a correct and careful manner.

Mediums are quick to emphasize to people of questionable character, who may be vulnerable to unhealthy thought patterns, to steer clear of Ouija boards. There have been stories of exceptional activity taking place during sittings, such as insentient objects moving, and lights flickering on and off. There is no credible scientific evidence behind what causes the words to be spelled out, or what might be causing these events to take place. If one is adamant about contacting the spirit world, it’s recommended to seek out an established medium.

However, not all events related to the Ouija board are of negative implications. There are actually experiences which are proven to have life changing circumstances. A case in 1913 where Pearl Curran, a St. Louis housewife was tinkering with a friend’s board when a spirit called Patience Worth came in contact with her. The spirit and Curran progressed and she started to practice writing, which resulted in her producing over a million words of poetry, drama, and fictional content. Her material was of good enough quality to have been published and distributed while receiving considerable praise from her readers.

While not all experiences will result in this type of outcome. It is wise and sagacious to tread on the side of caution with things one hardly knows about especially when dealing with unknown spirits from another realm.