Séances are a well-known method for allowing the living to communicate with the deceased. Séances come from the French word for “seat,” “session” or “sitting. It involves a group of people called ‘sitters’ who sit at a round table, while holding hands who use their collective energy to attract spirits. Usually, the group is guided by a skilled medium who channels the messages. While séances have had a history of deceitful practices in the past, a brilliant and sincere medium can create a fascinating experience in communicating with the dead.

In order for a séance to work effectively, a particular spirit must be selected. It helps if the selected spirit for contact is a familiar spirit, or a relative to someone in the group. This is why attempted contacts to deceased celebrities such as Elvis or Marilyn Monroe were unsuccessful. The contacted spirit will most likely know that they are going to be contacted via séance and will want to communicate with the group. The séance group must also be filled with peaceful, and undisturbed individuals who have a tranquil demeanor to them. Upon sitting in a circle, they should hold hands, and all together mentally call forth the spirit they are attempting to make contact with.

At the start of the séance, the medium will enter into a state of trance and begin to channel messages from the spirit realm. At times the medium’s channel with create physical manifestations such as a cool breeze, odd smells, or a tickling feeling. The sitters in the group will occasionally feel slight pains in correlation to how the spirit died like a chest pain if the spirit succumbed to a heart attack. Normally, the medium will find the spirit that is being sought out, however sometimes other spirits are willing to chat. The medium is the one who guides the dialogue, and enables it to carry on as long as the group wants.

Dealing with an experienced and accomplished psychic leaves very little chance of having a horrid experience. It’s been said that a séance plays a significant role in the healing process for both the participant and the deceased spirit.