Deans Blue Hole

On the remote island of Long Island, Bahamas, just a few steps off the beach lies a 663-foot deep underwater cavern known as Deans Blue Hole, considered to be the world’s deepest saltwater “blue hole” – a term used to reference any deep, water-filled sinkhole with an entrance below the water surface. What makes Dean’s […]

Captured Rare Salamander

A man in south China captured rare salamander that is considered to be the world’s largest known living amphibian and is dubbed the ‘Living Fossil’ because it has remained unchanged for over 170 million years. The man, named Mr Xiao, was baffled to find the 13-pound, rare Chinese giant salamander swimming in the waters of […]

Drop of Seawater Magnified 25 Times

Photographer David Liittschwager captured this amazing shot of a single drop of seawater magnified 25 times to reveal an entire ecosystem of hidden threats which consist of crab larva, diatoms, bacteria, fish eggs, zooplankton, and even worms. This stomach-churning photograph shows the types of microfauna crawling around in just a drop of seawater. Ever wonder […]

McDonalds Is Not Healthy

Nothing is more well known around the world than the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s, in fact, it is more recognized than the holy cross. With daily traffic of over 62 million around the world, the popular fast-food chain sells more than 75 hamburgers every second. As nutritious and delicious the company may want it […]

Mummy Revealed to be Meditating Monk

Mummy remains of a meditating monk have been found encased in a Buddha statue dating back to the 11th century. Erik Bruijn, a Buddhism expert, led the study that determined the mummy was of Buddhist master Liuquan, who belonged to the Chinese Meditation School. The CT scan and endoscopy were carried out by Drents Museum […]

200 Year Old Mummy in Deep Meditation

A 200-year old mummified monk was discovered in the lotus position and is considered to be ‘not dead’, but in a ‘very deep meditation state’, academics have claimed. Forensic examinations have taken place which have determined the remains to be roughly 200 years old, having been preserved in animal skin. However, experts have a totally […]

Alien Pyramid Found on Asteroid RQ36

An Alien pyramid has been sighted on asteroid RQ36. In our solar system there are tons of objects such as asteroids, comets, and meteors floating throughout space. Well, on June 29, 2014, asteroid RQ36 was spotted by the Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite ( NEOSSat ) and came to be a very peculiar find. Video Footage […]

Origins of St Patrick’s Day

All around the world, people come together on the 17th day of March in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Most revelers wear green, some cities have parades, and some families commemorate the holiday with an Irish meal. However, most are unaware of what the holiday stands for, and who exactly is […]

Pocket Shark Caught off Mexico

An exceedingly rare species of shark has finally been identified, a tiny pocket shark caught off the Mexican coast. During a government research trip in 2010 about 190 miles off the Louisiana coast, a tiny nipper – measuring just 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) long – was caught and its body was frozen while biologists went […]

Sea Creature Photographed in Australia

Fishermen in Victoria, Australia were in for an ancient treat when they reeled in a prehistoric-looking rare sea creature from the water. They concluded the strange fish looked to be an eel mixed with a shark. Unknowingly, they captured a very rare frilled shark, which is sometimes referred to as the “living fossil.” The creature’s […]