Bilderberg Group

Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an ‘off the record’ meeting of around 130 transatlantic political, military, banking executives, foreign royalty, and other power elites to discuss, and influence, the changing global, political, economic, and social landscape. The participants attend the meeting every year in private without publicly releasing records of its members.

The Bilderberg group came to be when Dr. Joseph H. Retinger, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Colin Grubbins, and General Walter Beddell Smith joined together in 1954 to organize the secretive policy group. Even though they like to refer to themselves as ‘The Alliance’, the group acquired its’ name from where they held their first meeting, at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland on May 29-31, 1954. Lord Victor Rothschild and Laurance Rockefeller specifically invited 100 of the world’s elite as its main purpose to regionalize Europe into the European Union. Their goal is the formation of a one-world government commonly referred to as the World Order.

The Bilderberg group is known to host meetings all over the world. The Rothschilds have hosted meetings in Europe, while the meetings in 1962 and 1973 were hosted in Saltsjobaden, Sweden by the Wallenbergs. Most members of the group have a cross-membership with these other secretive organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations, Round Table, Pilgrim Society, and the Trilateral Commission. While Bilderberg policy is carried out by a 35-member Bilderberg Sterring committee including an inner circle known as the Advisory committee, made up of Giovanni Agnelli, David Rockefeller, Eric Roll, and Otto Wolff von Amerongen. The group consists of one-third from government politics, two-thirds from finance, labor, education, and communications. All Bilderberg meetings are closed to the public and press, as the resort areas and hotels are cleared of residents and visitors upon arrival. The place of the meetings is highly secure as they are surrounded by soldiers, armed guards, secret service, local police, while also scanned for bugging devices.

Bilderberg was created to hold severe influence on public policy. The “Goals 200” program which was implemented under George H.W. Bush which revamped the national public school system was contrived in April 1970 at a Bilderberg meeting in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. The main purpose of this was a new education philosophy for the students because schools around the country were “too nationalistic”. The Bilderberg group wanted children to be indoctrinated to consider themselves as world citizens, a further step towards a New World Order.

At the Bilderberg meeting in 1971, its main goal was to change the world role of the United States. After the meeting, Henry Kissinger was sent to Red China to open trade relations. This action created an international monetary crisis, prompting a 8.6% devaluation of the dollar.

In 1976, Fifteen representatives from the Soviet Union attended the Bilderberg Group meeting, where plans were made to break up communism within the Soviet Union.

At a meeting in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York in 1990, a plan to raise taxes was made to pay more to the debt owed to the international bankers. While George Bush pledged during his campaign, “Read my lips — No new taxes!” found himself signing one of the biggest tax increases in history on November 15, 1990, a move which contributed to his defeat when he ran for re-election.

It’s becoming more known to the world, slowly but surely, that the Bilderberg Group is striving closer each year towards their plan for a New World Order. As Phyllis Schlafly wrote in his book A Choice Not an Echo that the Bilderbergers are a “little clique of powerful men who meet secretly and plan events that appear to ‘just happen’.”